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This is a list of our residential tree services:


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More About Our Residential Tree Services


Trees are one of the great wonders of nature and can elevate any landscape into a beautifully crafted work of art.

They can draw your eye into various focal points, increase curb appeal, enhance neighboring plant life and maximize your property value. In order for these valuable plants to thrive, they must be well cared for.

Georgia Pro Services has extensive experience treating trees and offers a full range of residential tree services. Whether they need proper trimming, pruning or even to be fully removed, our experienced team of experts will get the job done!

Tree Trimming

Sometimes a tree may be healthy, but needs proper maintenance to stay that way.

Trimming the wrong areas can be costly, as you may do damage beyond repair. Therefore it is essential to utilize expert tree services, even for small tree pruning jobs aimed at improving aesthetics. Regularly trimming your trees helps keep your yard looking beautiful, removes potentially hazardous branches, can prevent possible disease within the tree from spreading and can help the tree as a whole grow properly.

Trimming and pruning is vital for the overall health of the tree, which is why a continual maintenance plan is important.

Tree Removal

While healthy trees are ideal, those that are in poor health can be hazardous to your residence.

Full tree removal may be needed as branches can fall on your property when water saturation is mixed with severe winds. It’s important to have your trees routinely assessed for risk, as their health can deteriorate over time. Also, disease can spread from trees to other nearby plants, which can attract pests.

By proactively identifying problems before they materialize, you can prevent compounding variables turning more cost-intensive. 

Stump Removal

If you’ve recently had a fallen tree, or one fully removed, you’ll most likely want to have the stump removed as well.

While they can be unsightly or irregularly shaped, they can also be a breeding ground for insects or termites, which may spread throughout your residence. They also take up space in your yard, which can visually reduce the size or appeal of your property and reduce curb appeal.

A professional tree service will have the proper equipment for fully removing the stump as well. 


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