Can You Plant Trees in the Summer?

Georgia Pro Services is proud to be the first company people call when they demand the best from Griffin’s professional tree service providers. Our licensed arborists answer dozens of questions about the ideal time for tree planting from residents and business owners. Most are variants of:

  • “Can you plant trees in the summer?”
  • “When is the best time to transfer trees between properties to prevent transplant shock?”
  • “Will the spring chill or heat of summer cause certain types of trees to require extra care?”

We believe tree planting will always contribute positively to your property values and locality, no matter the season you do it. Trees provide better air quality and dampen the noises coming from the street. Homeowners with at least one tree in their front, side, or back yards enjoy a better quality of life at home, as they sift through less dust and pollutants.

However, planting a tree entails significant time and labor investments. The health of its immune system, trunk tissues, and crown depends on how strategically you plant it.

In this explainer, our tree care professionals will outline whether summer is the best time to plant a tree in Griffin or if you should look for a better opportunity.

Is It Safe to Plant a Tree in Summer?

Georgia has a sub-tropical climate. Winters are usually mild, and summers are humid, hot, and long, with afternoon thunderstorms that create an average statewide temperature between 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Many property owners learn from home economics classes that the best time to plant is in early autumn or spring when temperatures moderate, but arborists prefer to differ.

Georgia has more moderate weather compared to many southeastern states, and summer planting is widespread in places like California and Florida, which can get twice as hot as Georgia during summer.

Tropical countries are famous for their vast forestlands and deciduous trees. Their average temperatures are higher than those in Georgia summers. With the right amount of TLC, you can make trees grow in your Griffin front or back yard with as little planting stress as possible.

How to Plant Trees in Summer

Whenever we get a question like, “Can you plant trees in the summer?” we outline that soil nutrition and watering habits are more important than having a conducive climate when growing healthy trees.

Here are a few ways our arborists reduce planting stress during the summer:

  • We water new trees around two to three times weekly to support new top growth brought about by the summer heat.
  • We never allow the surrounding soil to dry completely, but we don’t saturate it with water, as compacted earth can make it challenging for new roots to source oxygen.
  • We prefer underground irrigation methods over sprinkler systems as water from the topsoil can evaporate quickly.
  • We strategically plant trees when temperatures dip below 90 degrees Fahrenheit for a week.
  • We use light-colored organic mulch to prevent heat from penetrating too deeply into the ground and scorching away moisture and nutrients meant for our trees.
  • We check for weed growth daily, as they become prevalent during the summers.

The same rules apply to site preparation work for tree transplants. Transplant shock can cause tree death, and careful handling is essential for the health of trunk flares and root systems during hot summers.can you plant trees in the summer

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