7 Commercial Landscape Trees To Consider for Your Property

commercial landscape trees

Commercial landscape trees can significantly enhance your business’s property. A company with healthier, ornamental trees will surely attract more customers. However, with so many types of trees, it’s challenging to choose the right one for your property. 

Many factors should affect the trees you invest in for your commercial property, including: 

  • How much space you have available 
  • Your area’s climate
  • How much time and resources you have to maintain your trees
  • The overall look you want to achieve 

With this in mind, we’ll explore seven commercial landscape trees you should consider for your property today. Of course, our Griffin’s expert tree services can help with the process too. 

1. Crepe Myrtle 

The crepe myrtle contains around 50 species of shrubs and trees that create beautiful and long-lasting flowers every summer. Many commercial businesses use crepe myrtle trees and shrubs because they only grow a few feet tall, transfer easily, and boast versatile purposes. 

Business owners can use crepe myrtle to complement other parts of their business and vegetation or as statement pieces on their own. 

2. Japanese Tree Lilac

Japanese Tree Lilac can withstand scorching climates and has excellent resistance to insects and tree diseases. Their flowers bloom in summer, typically around June, and feature six to 12-inch long white flowers. The Japanese Tree Lilac is the largest lilac species we currently know. 

3. Yellowwood

Yellowwoods represent another popular commercial landscape tree. This medium-sized tree can grow between 30 and 50 feet while immersed in full sunlight. Every fall, this tree features gold, orange, and yellow leaves. Its white flowers also attract various birds. 

4. Bur Oak

Often called mossycup or white oak, this tree thrives in urban regions. This tree can grow in soil with a high pH level and offers excellent resistance to droughts, cold, and heat. Many older trees also feature fire resistance and often serve as shade trees due to their wide canopies. 

However, these trees can also be a vast commitment because they can grow around 90 feet or taller. 

5. Red Maple 

People also refer to red maple as water, soft, or swamp maple, and these trees are easily identifiable by their bright, red flowers, twigs, and leaves that appear during the fall. Many business owners appreciate red maple for two reasons: 

  • Red maples can tolerate various soil types, including mountain and swamp soil 
  • Red maples grow very fast, with many trees growing at least two feet a year

6. Eastern Redbud

The eastern redbud features beautiful magenta flowers, making them perfect as ornamental shrubs or trees for landscape projects. In addition, these trees typically don’t grow past 20 feet tall and wide, making them a convenient size. 

One trade-off, however, with eastern redbud is that it features less drought tolerance, meaning business owners will need to water it more. 

7. Tulip Poplar 

The tulip poplar goes by many names, including: 

  • Whitewood
  • Fiddletree
  • Yellow poplar
  • Tulip-tree

This tree grows very quickly, and its wide shade paired with drought resistance makes it ideal for many businesses and homes. This tree also flowers each spring, featuring yellow flowers that resemble tulips. 

For Expert Landscape Maintenance Services, Call Georgia Pro Services

These seven great tree and shrub options work for any commercial business. However, you’ll need to invest in extensive landscape maintenance services for the best results. 

The right team can help you choose which trees make the most sense for you and your property. The right team can also help you maintain your trees for years. 

To discover the best commercial landscape trees alongside expert residential tree services, call Georgia Pro Services at (404) 751-8743

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